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Yellow Sticker – What do I do?

Has your property been yellow stickered, or does it have evidence of damage to electrical systems due to damage from flooding?

An electrical inspection is required, including an electrical safety certificate (Unison requirement) that confirms your house and property are safe before your property can be reconnected to the grid.

Here are some steps to help:
1) Get in contact with us, and we’ll set up a time and a date to come and look at the electrical systems on your property.
2) We’ll meet you at the property and do our tests.
3) We’ll issue an electrical inspection certificate if your property passes.
4) We will forward your electrical inspection certificate to Unison for review.
5) Unison will contact you (and us) for reconnection.

Our priorities are safety and preventing harm from electricity and further damage to the property. If you need advice or you have any concerns/doubts, we’re here to help. Please call us on 06 833 7551.



What if my property doesn’t pass?

If your electrical systems fail on an electrical inspection certification. In that case, we will work closely with your insurance company to quote and complete the work needed to pass the electrical certification.

My property has a red sticker; what do I do?

If your property has a red sticker, your first call needs to be with your insurance company. Secondly, your next call should be to update your energy retailer (e.g. Meridian) that your property has been red-stickered. 

My property has had some flood damage. Can I get it checked? 

If you have had flood damage (you don’t have a yellow or red sticker) and want peace of mind that your property is safe, let us know. We can check all electrical systems. 


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