What do you need in an electrician?

At Napier Electric Company, we believe an electrician should provide electrical solutions that are discreet, modern and simple. An electrician's work should be efficient and tidy, meet or exceed current standards and cost a fair price. 


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So...why us?

For professional electrical services for your home or light commercial project, Adam and the team here at Napier Electric Company pride ourselves in delivering the best value service.  We have worked on some of the most exclusive homes in Hawkes Bay as our fit and finish is second to none. We offer competitive rates and place a high value on communication, ensuring clients are well informed throughout the project and given no surprises on completion.

Along with premium electrical services, we also carry out data and audio installation and servicing. Integrating your data and audio with the electrical trade ensures a cohesive and functional installation. When several trades compete for space in your home, your systems can become messy and complex to use. Napier Electric Company combines electrical, data and audio services and applies form and function to them in equal measure. We source the best electrical, audio and data gear, get it working, looking and sounding right and make it easy to use.


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Adam Gordon - Director

Adam Gordon - Director