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EV Smart Chargers

Evnex Electrical Vehicle Charager

Home Chargers

Evnex Smart EV Charger is compatible with most electric vehicles and provides a safe and efficient charging experience, boasting a speed that is up to 4 times* faster.

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Available in 7.4kW single phase, and 22kW three phase.

*Charging with 22kw system and can be vehicle dependent.

Business Chargers

Intelligent and dependable electric vehicle charging solutions for a range of businesses and facilities, including small-to-medium enterprises, fleets, commercial buildings, and apartments.

Intuitive Charging Features

Intelligent charging stations adjust the charging rate to avoid overloading your home’s electrical supply, allowing you to use other appliances while maximizing charging speed.

You can track your electricity costs with customised pricing schedules and get insights into your solar diversion setup. Charge using 100% clean energy or choose your preferred energy, the chargers are solar-ready for future PV system installation.

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EV Smart Charger by Evnex

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