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Give Me Power

Power your house in any situation with an always-ready generator inlet.

When the power's out, a generator inlet is a permanent solution to maintain an electricity supply to your home. Always ready to provide power in any situation. Simply plug-and-play your generator and flick the switch. We've got you covered whether you have a switchboard in single or three-phase.

Don't get caught out by rolling brownouts; install a generator inlet and be prepared for any situation.


How it works...

When the mains power goes off, run a lead from your generator to the inlet installed near your switchboard.

Flick the changeover switch from mains to generator power and the generator is now setup to supply power throughout your house.

No need to call an electrician. 100% electrically safe. When mains power is re-established, simply flick the changeover switch back to the mains position.

generator ready
main's power stops
switch to generator
plug-in generator to inlet
turn on generator
power is on with your generator


For the full installation the price is $999 (incl. gst)

Make sure you read the serious stuff below (terms & conditions).

The Geeky Stuff

Price includes:

The Serious Stuff & Transparency

(Terms & Conditions)

- This price includes only one site visit. Extra charges may apply if additional site visits are beyond our control.

- Single phase install only.

- Requires available space in a compliant switchboard. Photo of your switchboard is required (see below).

- Due to the nature when working on existing electrical installations, once on-site work has started, unforeseen required work may be discovered that may not be factored into the quoted price. We will speak with you if this is the case and why extra charges may apply.

- We require a 50% deposit on acceptance of the quote before any work can be carried out.

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