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yellow sticker restricted access to home

Yellow & Red Stickers – What do they mean?



If you have a yellow or red sticker on your home, this is what they mean.

Yellow Sticker:

The building may have moderate damage, and access is restricted. The risk could be from the building itself, from adjacent buildings or from land instability. Access may be restricted to some of the buildings only or may be restricted to short-term entry only. This will be outlined on the sticker. If you own the building, you’ll need to contact a qualified electrician, tradesperson or chartered professional engineer to do repairs or further inspections. You should talk to your insurer and take plenty of photos before work commences.

Red Sticker:

The building cannot be used, and entry is prohibited because it has sustained moderate or heavy damage and poses a significant risk to health or life. If you own the building, further investigation and repairs are required before the building is safe to use. If access is needed for an insurance assessor or to retrieve personal items, you need permission.

If you need advice or you have any concerns/doubts, we’re here to help. Please call us on 06 833 7551.

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