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‘Unstuck’ Your Electrical Career

Are you stuck in a career rut? The wheels are spinning, but there’s no forward momentum?

Time to get Unstuck in 2023 with Napier Electric Company.

I was chatting...

I was chatting to a tradie mate the other day. He was in a great mood - head up, shoulders high. He’d just changed jobs and he was feeling a million bucks. I was stoked for him, and asked him what was so bad about his previous company?

His days were disorganised and chaotic. He didn’t know what he was doing after lunch, let alone next week. He didn’t get the right info to do his job well and felt totally unsupported.

He was stuck doing the same boring work, day after day. Some work was an insult to his skills.

His team lacked culture. Some guys just turned up to eat lunch, then bail right on the buzzer. It was tough to get a work shirt out of his boss, let alone Friday beers. There were bad eggs in the basket, too, spreading rot. They’d scheme and plan and whisper like 15 y/o girls. They’d do a bad job and get away with it daily, while he was busting his butt to keep to his standards.

What's Missing...?

What’s missing in your job that could make your life so much better?

Here at Napier Electric Company - we’ve been working hard building a great company and we are Hawke’s Bay’s premier electricians. We want to grow our team with professionals like you that can fit into our close-knit culture and keep pushing the standards high.

How are we different to most sparky companies, and what’s in it for you?

We’ve a systemised way of working, and job management software right on your smartphone. You’ll know where you’re going and have all required information at hand. Plus, we have a battle-hardened management team supporting you.

Massive Variety...

We offer diversified services to our clients, that means our sparkies get massive work variety. One day you could be servicing, another day working on a multi-million-dollar house in Havelock. Domestic & commercial fitouts, EV charging, solar, cable locating, whole home audio, network solutions, security and even earthworks are all in a standard work week for us. Whatever electrical work you’re into, most likely we’ll have it.

Looking after our staff is one of our highest priorities. We’ve built a team of winners all looking out for each other and driving standards sky high. If the S&%t hits the fan, we back you up. And we reward good work with regular BBQs and beers, fun work functions, and there’s always someone back at the workshop for a catchup over a game of darts or pool. The fridge is always full.

‘Unstuck’ your Electrical Career vert
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So…here’s the nuts and bolts:

Other benefits:

If you’re “our type of people”, you’ll already know what we need from you. Here’s just a couple of things:

If you think you’ve got what it takes, then apply now via email with a copy of your CV and brief cover letter (including a photo) telling us why you are the right person for the job. Email it to [email protected]. Please include a photo so we can put a face to your name.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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