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RenoX - A Renovation Project

before photo of renox house

Renovation Update

Our latest project (called RenoX) is a renovation we're working on in Haumoana, Hawkes Bay. We do a number of reno's however we wanted to share the progress on this project. We'll be updating as we work through this project.

Within this project the client wanted to do an electrical update to everything within their home. As you can see from the photos it was well overdue for an update.

Edit & Delete

The photos tell the story of a home that is ready for an edit and a delete. You'll notice in the photos burnt wiring and the Verdigris (green goo) coming from the light socket. Within this there is a considerable fire risk.


Our RenoX project has been completed. From the photos you can see the updates we have completed for our client. We took a beach bungalow from the late 1980's and updated to a stunning 2023 home.

Stay Updated

Check out our channels, we'll have videos and pictures coming out over the next coming weeks.


If you have a burning question or what like to see something more from this project that we haven't shown or mentioned, let us know.

Send a message on [email protected], use the form below or call us on 06 833 7551.

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