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Newsletter – May 2022

Hello there,

What a tumultuous two months we’ve had. Omicron was omnipresent and securing a full roster of staff was like a builder securing a Gib delivery. Anyways, they say broken bones grow back stronger – we’ve got a full team back fighting fit, and Covid hasn’t stopped us growing and offering new services that complement our electrical work. Check them out below and give us a shout if we can help at all.

New to the Quiver
At Napier Electric, we are always developing new services for our customers. A new arrow to our proverbial quiver: Electric and Plug-In-Hybrid vehicle charging via solar energy using smart power controllers.

Our vision is to accelerate the construction of the infrastructure needed to support the influx of electric & hybrid vehicles to the grid. To provide clean green energy from carbon-neutral dwellings for cost-effective travel, all while boosting the Hawke’s Bay economy. We believe we can make New Zealand a better place with power from the sun.

If you’d like to know more about what we’re doing, check out the information and resources on our website. Also, check out our recent video below.

Can you help?
We are on a journey at the moment to create quality in-house videos and content for our Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. We would love for you to follow along and check out what we are making. Give a cheeky follow and comment.

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napier electric security installationCost Saving CCTVIf you have been considering installing CCTV in your home or office, we can help.There has been a recent influx to the market of affordable, easy to install, battery-powered Wi-Fi cameras which on the surface seem cost-effective. Dive a little deeper into the fine print and most have ongoing subscriptions – some being up to $20 per camera, per month. If you installed four cameras (one on each side of the house) that’ll work out at $960 per year in subscriptions. Also, consider the ongoing battery replacements and the fact that if Wi-Fi drops out, recording stops along with intruder notifications. Some savvy crooks have ‘Wi-Fi jammers’ to exploit this limitation.We have put together a commercial-quality hard-wired CCTV package that is not reliant on Wi-Fi and has no ongoing subscriptions. It also has a handy mobile app so you can check on your home at any time and receive notifications.Our CCTV package professionally installed is $2200incl GST | Learn More
Did You Know?
test and tag napierDid you know that Napier Electric carries out Test & Tagging on home and commercial appliances? You can easily drop your appliances into the Napier Electric workshop for same-day service, or we can send an on-site testing technician to your business for complete-site appliance compliance. Get in touch today and get compliant.


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