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Test & Tag – The Cornerstone of Electrical Safety

Why Test & Tag Test & Tag is more than a compliance procedure; it’s a cornerstone of electrical safety. This process involves inspecting and testing all electrical appliances for safety and functionality, then tagging them to confirm their status. The concept might seem straightforward, yet the implications of this practice can impact everyone from homeowners […]

Battery Types

Deep Cycle Flooded (Lead Acid) If you’re okay with a bit of maintenance and want a proven, cost-effective solution, this is for you. What It Is: Traditional, oldest type of rechargeable battery. Uses liquid acid. Good For: General use, reliable, tried-and-true. Drawbacks: Needs regular maintenance (adding distilled water), not great for high-vibration or tilt-prone environments, […]

RenoX – Ep.2

napier electric renox

In this update in episode 2 of RenoX. Brad shares on adding the extra lights and power points that the client requested. We’re really looking forward to seeing the finish result of this renovation.   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Napier Electric Co. (@napierelectriccompany)

RenoX – Ep.1

napier electric renox

This is a first look at RenoX, one of the latest renovation projects we’re working on. Stay tuned for more. Also check out more information about the project here.     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Napier Electric Co. (@napierelectriccompany)

Toolbox Meeting – Speak Out..Speak Up

speak up... speak out

We wanted to share with you a part of the toolbox meeting we had with our team recently. Within our team, we’ve had experiences where people around us have had real challenges with mental health. This conversation (see video) is different; however, we feel it needs to be front and centre. If you or someone […]

Yellow Sticker – What do I do?

restricted access - yellow sticker

Has your property been yellow stickered, or does it have evidence of damage to electrical systems due to damage from flooding? An electrical inspection is required, including an electrical safety certificate (Unison requirement) that confirms your house and property are safe before your property can be reconnected to the grid. Here are some steps to […]

Yellow & Red Stickers – What do they mean?

yellow sticker restricted access to home

        If you have a yellow or red sticker on your home, this is what they mean. Yellow Sticker: The building may have moderate damage, and access is restricted. The risk could be from the building itself, from adjacent buildings or from land instability. Access may be restricted to some of the […]

Verdigris: Understanding the Green Goo

Verdigris: Understanding the Green Patina (or Green Goo) on Electrical Cables and Light Sockets If you’ve ever seen a green discolouration on the surface of electrical outlets, you may have wondered what it is and whether it’s something to be concerned about. The discolouration is commonly referred to as “verdigris,” a term from the Old […]

⚡Christmas Cylinder Giveaway 2022⚡

giveaway 2022

Giving away a brand-new hot water cylinder to Lizz and her family was awesome. Lizz got the call Christmas morning to say she had won and had thought it couldn’t be true. Cam from Flash Gas And Plumbing Limited and Logan from our team installed it last week. A massive shout out to Cam @Flash […]

‘Unstuck’ Your Electrical Career

  Are you stuck in a career rut? The wheels are spinning, but there’s no forward momentum? Time to get Unstuck in 2023 with Napier Electric Company…   Napier Electric offers diversified services to our clients, which means our sparkies get massive work variety. One day you could be servicing; another day, working on a […]